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Rru, brings home the essence of truth, beauty and joy as it is an alphabet that addresses the seers of Truth in the most ancient language.

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Since its inception in 2012, rru media is in constant communication with clients and their customers. This enables us to keep our fingers on the pulse of industry and allows us to adapt and grow to meet its requirements. Therefore we are equipped with resources to advise on product innovation, customer satisfaction and assist with other relevant information to create a joint road map for success

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For those with ambition, we contribute through our passion. We approach each and every project with a well defined strategy and creative thinking. Passion, creativity, experience and expertise are the fundamentals of the growth of RRU. High touch customer care with precision targeting and customised strategy are the key to our success.


The power of technology and its transforming power is amazing. We contribute this power to our clients. We enjoy that ultimate luxury of combining passion and contribution.


The freedom of imagination and the unlimited possibilities of technology are a fantastic combination. We strongly believe that only creativity can make a difference !.


Expertise and experience go hand in hand. Only expertise can bring experience and in turn experience brings expertise.

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A website is also a piece of art. Designing a website means seeing through the eyes of a user. Here you need well planning, a story to tell, and an inspiring mind to think about your project from every angle.


A Smooth online shopping experience defines your quality of your service. To have an excellent shopping experience the site should be easy to use, while fully functional and extremely secure. Thanks to a dedicated team of designers, developers and marketers, a users journey is always a successful lead conversion, and enocourages them to come back again and again.


We design and develop a multitude of mobile apps which are designed to work across Apple IOS, Windows and Android platforms. From iPhone applications to Facebook Widgets, we do it all. Our creative designers through a strong team work are experts in building robust app solutions.


A new age logo has to be able to communicate with the audience in the most simplest way. Aided by a tagline, it should be able to express the industry it represents. Because a logo is the graphical expression of the company.


Every print collateral are a good opportunity to promote a brand, in and out. As brand identity is expressed in printing, it has to be printed in right color and right paper. We have the know-how to get the best results whether in prepress, vinyl, digital, cloth printing platforms.


We shoot all kinds of photography. Fashion Portfolio, Advertising, Product, Wedding, Corporate, Event and Industrial photography. We are also experts in commercial photography. We use some of the best lighting and camera equipment available in the industry to help you achieve the exact look you want. if you want to create work that is unique, strong and will help you stand out then we would love to work with you.


Telling a story with graphics, text , video and audio in the most efficient and persuasive manner to convey the objectives of a company. Presentations has to be very minimum of below 10 slides to be effective.


With a strong local connection and a flare for creativity, we love orchestrating social and business events, and weddings. Our event managers who are excessively organised and experienced are there to assist you in all stages of your celebrations, events and exhibitions.

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Our thoughts and vision always help our clients to gain success in their trade.

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Rru, brings home the essence of truth, beauty and joy as it is an alphabet that addresses the seers of Truth in the most ancient language.


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